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Selling your house is almost certainly the single most expensive sale you will ever make in your life, and is, therefore, something that we believe you should have full control over. You may know or have had an Estate Agent recommended to you and are happy with the service you are getting from them. But, stop and think for a moment about what they actually give you for your money. Are you really getting a great deal?

They usually charge you between one to two percent of the final sale value of your property (plus expenses) – which amounts to thousands. For this fee they put a few advertisements in your local paper, place a wooden board outside your house advertising themselves, and answer phone calls from prospective buyers enquiring about your property. It is worth bearing in mind also that they only have their own interests at heart. Their primary purpose is to make money for themselves, so if they can sell your house quickly for a few thousand pounds less than you require it won’t concern them that you will be losing out – they will still be getting their money.

When you give them the go-ahead you are not just placing your property into their hands, but also your trust. You are relying on them selling the property for a price that they consider reasonable. The question of whether or not they are getting you the best price for your property never comes into the reckoning.

This lack of control, the extortionate amount of money required, and the fact that you are placing your trust over possibly the biggest financial deal of your life into the hands of complete strangers are the main reasons behind why we created this website. Using our services, and for a single low-price fee you can sell or let out your property without the cost of an Estate Agent. You can be in control of every aspect of the sale assuring there is no middle-man doing anything that could conflict with your best interests.

It is time to say “Bye Bye Estate Agents”, and hello to low-cost property sales and rentals. This system leaves you in complete control of from start to finish.

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